Compounding Value: How to Make Money No Matter Where You Are in Life

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Hello all!

A friend of mine and I were recently discussing how some people have the inherent ability to walk into any situation in life and some way or another they are magically able to generate money out of thin air. You always hear the stories about how people were at rock bottom and then through the use of some grit and valuable knowledge, they make it out alive.

The question became, “How are people able to make two to three thousand dollars with only their knowledge and no resources whatsoever?”

After some intense thought and discussion, I believe we have come to a conclusion that might be the key to making yourself an ultimate money generating machine.

The Money Generating Key

I began to do some self reflection in my own life to see if there were any moments that I could parallel with this situation.

As some of you may know, I am a full time college student and am blessed enough to not have to be working while I am in the process of fulfilling my education. However, it is nice every once in a while to be able to fulfill the wants and desires I have in life. Somehow I’ve always managed to make money some way or another, even when I was unemployed.

Then it dawned on me.

My entire life I had been picking up odd jobs on the side based on the set of SKILLS that I had.

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I thought about my current situation in life. Although I didn’t have an occupation, I currently have side jobs lined up to secure the income that I need. Based on the skills that I have learned throughout my life, I have jobs lined up that will pay me for…

  • Building a computer
  • Selling two sets of rims on eBay
  • Building a blog
  • Installing a router throughout my family friends house

Are these things that I practice on a daily basis? Not necessarily. Although I do manage this blog every day of the week, I am not fully invested in the tech world and the only reason I know how to operate eBay well enough is because my father has 20 years of knowledge that he’s passed onto me about how to make money reselling.

I had realized in that moment, the more that you make yourself valuable to others, the more you unlock the freedom you desire.

Become the servant in order to establish freedom.

Compounding Value

So how exactly are these successful people able to use their skill and create astronomical results and returns while doing it?

With the help of my friend, we created a concept known as Compounding Value. Here’s how it works…

Begin by identifying your skill, think about how you have been able to CREATE in the past. Whether it’s a skill that can generate money or not, really hone down on what that skill is and embrace it as apart of who you are. This is important in creating the value that people can see in you.

Once someone has the inevitable need for your skill, fulfill it for them for the price that is agreed upon and do your very best to create that person’s vision.

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That person will then go on to recommend your services to other people. Due to your ability to do that skill, you inherently learn MORE with every job.


Not only are you becoming more valuable because your skills are increasing, but your influence is growing due to the recommendation web formed by your “clients”.

How to Implement Compounding Value TODAY

Because it is so important to begin this compounding effect early in order to maximize your influence web and your skills, here are some tips that hopefully help you implement compounding value TODAY.

  1. Let your skills be known. It is important that others are aware of what you are investing your time in and what you have a passion for. There is always an opportunity out there waiting for you that someone else might have.
  2. Exemplify! Carry out your skill and dive into how to become a master at it. People are sympathetic to things that they have no knowledge in. You might show them that they have a need that only YOU are able to fulfill.
  3. Law of Attraction. I am a firm believer in the notion of ask and you shall receive. Anything that you put out into the universe will inevitably return in the same form that it was constructed. Switch your mindset from emptiness to abundance and I promise opportunity will present itself to you.

Hopefully this concept of compounding value has sparked some interest in you that allows you to begin generating the income that you truly deserve. Even more so, I hope now you have begun thinking of the skills that you currently have and how you can begin to spread your wave of influence using that knowledge.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out as I love to help anyone who has the desire to learn. Also, if you enjoyed this and found that you learned something new today, a recommendation to your friends is always appreciated!

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Andrew Martinez

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