How to Find Meaningful Purpose in 2021

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Attaining meaning is something that can either drive us crazy, or lead us to boundless success. Regardless of where we lie on the journey towards finding our personal meaning, there seems to be a place in our lives where we had to INTENTIONALLY search for it.

After much thought and reflection into my own life, I have deduced a conclusion that seems as if it unlocks a pathway towards aiding you to find MEANING. A conclusion that unlocks TRUE potential, and in turn, hopefully inserts more direction and fulfillment into your life and others.

Here is the secret that I believe helps lead to a more fulfilling life as well as helps any driven person gain more skill and usefulness to the world around them.

Create a Project!

So many people around the world are struggling with filling their time with meaningful things, especially now with the world being at a standstill due to COVID-19. Sometimes we get caught up in the motions. Wake up, go to school, go to work, go to bed, and then repeat all over again the next day.

But where’s the flavor?

As human beings, we want pizzazz! We want things that are going to provide us with something new and enjoyable. So why not something that can even produce and boost your creativity at the same time?

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This is the reason behind why I believe that everyone needs a project. By having a project, you inevitably unlock a brand new creative side that you never knew you had. You no longer become seldom in your ways because for once, your project can be UNPREDICTABLE.

A project can consume your life and keep you waiting on your toes for what’s next. Just the thought of the end goal and what you could possibly create is enough to be a driving force in creativity. Regarding this blog for example, I know that I have so much more capability that I have to unlock before I have reached my true potential as a writer. It is the same in your own life with your passions!

What are some things that you could work on that you might become passionate about?

This is an important question regarding what project might best suit your needs. First, I would look into what your skills are. What are you good at, or what would you like to be good at? Next, what are you passionate about? This is essential when deducing what you want to put your time into because you will less likely be subjected to burnout. Burnout being, when you run out of the desire to do a project due to the fact that you have been thinking or working on it too much.

With that, projects keep you on your toes, wondering what’s going to happen next. They instills hope, that one day you might be able to have others share the same vision that you so desperately want to contribute and convey to the world. Most of all, it helps give your life purpose.

So how exactly does having a project give purpose?

Find meaning through creativity

Creativity is never constant, it always changes and is bound to throw curve balls at you at the most random of times. It flows within you with inspirational inquisition to help produce more passionate works and allows you to add this so called “flavor” that we so desperately crave.

Because of this, it is so important to realize that meaning can be found through flexing your creative muscle. Creativity is something that can be worked on and strengthened. It’s like any other type of muscle that needs constant strain in order to grow. For those of you who believe you aren’t creative, I believed the same thing about myself! I thought I was extremely technical and contained only book smarts.

Until I realized that my projects were making me more creative.

By carrying out new projects like this blog you are reading now, I found that I was slowly but surely finding a creativity within me that I never knew I had before. It restored my faith in my ability to PRODUCE.

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One of the greatest parts about unlocking your creativity is being able to be PROUD of something you have produced. Just being able to know that what you have created has come from you is something that should be carefully distinguished. It instills a sense of confidence within you. Moreover, when someone else sympathizes with your creativity and can relate to it, you are able to bond through a feeling of TOGETHERNESS.

Togetherness through creativity is a focal point in creation.

When you create and are able to impact the lives of others, this is when you are able to find TRUE meaning and purpose throughout your days.

Creativity = Production = Purpose

This is a simple equation that I have put together that accurately explains why I believe everyone should have a project. I have found that people who flex their creative muscle have been able to find more meaning out of life due to the fact that they are able to PRODUCE.

So many times I have asked myself the question…

“What is the imprint that I am going to leave on this earth?”

I believe that many of you have the same question that you ask yourself on a daily basis as well.

I found out that by starting a project, where I could use my creativity, I began to produce and in turn help boost other people’s lives. This in turn slowly helped me inch closer towards answering this question. I can’t begin to tell you the feeling that you get when something that you produce actually changes someone else’s life and they now have a higher quality of living.

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Not only does this production help others but it helps your own mind meet terms with your self. Soon, after you have been dedicated to the project of your choice, it becomes associated with your identity. You become the person who is associated with that endeavor.

This identification in turn helps you find out who you are! You begin to crave to produce, and to hone your skills like never before.

In summary, by creating a project you….

  • Strengthen your creative skills
  • Become a source of production
  • Find meaning through togetherness and contribution
  • Identify with an idea that contributes to the world

Choose something that you think you’d be interested in and roll with it! There are no rules to how you produce which means you have unlimited flexibility when it comes to potential!

If you have any more questions regarding this topic or want to brainstorm some projects that you might have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out! Any opportunity to interact with you the reader is much appreciated!

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Andrew Martinez, owner and writer of Minerva Money

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  1. Josef Rusnak says:

    It’s true, a little creativity coupled with consistency can do a lot. Definitely will have to think on some ways to instill creativity into my training. These blogs always encourage me to ACT. Another fire blog 🔥

    1. Much appreciated brotha, glad to hear these are helping your quality of life!

  2. Ryan says:

    Love this message, Recently I’ve needed to accommodate for a lack of purpose and reestablish responsibility and this explains everything very well

    1. Love that! Thanks for the input!

  3. kegarland says:

    This is sound advice. I completely agree. Anytime I’ve decided on a new project, then I’ve been pushed a little more toward my purpose.

    1. Glad you also came to this realization! No doubt containing that knowledge will boost you even further in your endeavors.

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